Ани Лорак The Dream of Brighter Day

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Исполнитель: Ани Лорак

Название песни: The Dream of Brighter Day

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Дата добавления: 2014-08-30

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Текст песни Ани Лорак - The Dream of Brighter Day

I had a dream
I saw a flower crying
Her silent scream
Was tearing up the skies

You braved your fears
You saved her bleeding petals
You wiped her tears
She smiled and bloomed again.

Hey, look around you’ll see the light
Broken future, life denied
Feel the pain of soul betrayed
Don’t look away!

What if it was you and I
What if it was our life
It’s a difference we can make
For brighter day!/If we awake!

We care we say
But words are cheap and empty
They pray, we fail
And children have to pay

Hold out your hand
We save ourselves by giving
The pain will end
We’ll make a brighter day
I pray… my loving heart is beating
I know we’ll… I know we’ll make a brighter day

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