Arab Strap I Still Miss You

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Исполнитель: Arab Strap

Название песни: I Still Miss You

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Дата добавления: 2014-08-03

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Текст песни Arab Strap - I Still Miss You

So, I hear he likes to cook you dinner
Then you can both just sit and talk.
Are you in it cause he's got his own smart place
Or are you just in it for the cock?
I still miss you...
Does he know just where to touch you?
Can he get you on your knees?
That fuckin' smug look on his fuckin' ugly face
Almost made me wish I'd had a disease.
I still miss you...
So, are you still using johnnies?
I ask just 'cause it looks like you could be on the pill.
And I found out today that you'd been shagging him behind my back
When we were still going out.
But even still, I'd wait for you.
I'd wait for you.
I still miss you...

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