Arctic Monkeys The bad thing

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Исполнитель: Arctic Monkeys

Название песни: The bad thing

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Текст песни Arctic Monkeys - The bad thing

Do the bad thing,
Take off your wedding ring,
But it wont make it that much easier,
it might make it worse,

Oh the nights like a whirlwind,
Somebody's girlfriend's talkin' to me
but its alright,
She's sayin that hes not gonna slap me
or try to attack me,
Hes not the jealous type,
And I ony need to get half an excuse and im away,
But when theres no excuses
thats much easier to say,
I've been before,
And all these capers make her too forward to ignore,
Well She's talkin but im not entirely sure, ohh

Do the bad thing,
Take off your wedding ring,
But it wont make it that much easier,
it might make it worse,

Oh im stood at the bar
and somebody's partner's talkin to me,
But I dont know that is
what she isnt she murmors things to confirm
That the tragedy is true,
And I knew 'how could she could have anyone she wants,
And im strugglin to think of an immediate response,

Like I dont mind,
Be a big mistake,
For you to wait,
And let me waste your time,
Really love its fine,
Really love its fine,

And then the first time it occured
that there was something to destroy,

I knew before the invitation
that there was this ploy,
Oh but she carried on suggestin,
a struggle to refuse,
She said "its the red wine this time,
but that is no excuse"

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Видеоклип Arctic Monkeys - The Bad Thing Lyrics

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