Armin van Buuren Youtopia

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Исполнитель: Armin van Buuren

Название песни: Youtopia

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Дата добавления: 2014-08-03

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Текст песни Armin van Buuren - Youtopia

I can feel you,
In the rising tide
Can you feel me,
By the fly your sight.
From the moonlight,
Through the cherry trees,
Open the roof,
And taking a view...
Cuz you're my sweettest dream
Come true.
You're my swettest dream
Come true(x2).
Cover the dusk deep navy blue,
I'm trying be brave,
Cuz all be right beside you.
This won't so high,
Hold on your hands,
And you can go anywhere.
So reach for the stars,
Cuz all the way ending up there.
And you can finally fly...
Cuz you'll be lighter than air!(x2)
Cuz you'll be lighter than air...

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