Art of your Phobias Your choice

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Исполнитель: Art of your Phobias

Название песни: Your choice

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Текст песни Art of your Phobias - Your choice

Everything (that) you saw today it's one more chance to understand,
There’s something else that keep you alive so long
Try to hold some things inside, and try to save life
Forget the past, and live for future

All around it’s just a play
Slowly takes you deep inside
Don’t you think about the changes?
Which will save your mind?

All the things you can’t forget
All the tries that were failed
Why you just can't ask for help?
Why you now so far away?

So far away from us…

Way so hard. I think you know and soon you’ll see how much…

Break it down or leave this way,
I don’t know whom you’ll become.
You need for help; I’d never seen yourself so dull
Everything dies inside you now

Now you listen to my voice,
I said it’s over, this is the end

Wake up, and get your ass
And time will treats you anyway
Around, it’s all around
A beauty you have never seen

You run out of your fears
Forget about the ache
You see, some tears will never leave your memories

Will never leave your life
Will never leave you

I can feel every breath of wind
I can catch and show you what’s the life
Every day I see your smile
But somewhere deep I hear your cry

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