Astral Monolith Lamb Behind the Mask of Madness

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Исполнитель: Astral Monolith

Название песни: Lamb Behind the Mask of Madness

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Дата добавления: 2016-02-26

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Текст песни Astral Monolith - Lamb Behind the Mask of Madness

Dirty little whore
Miserable castaway
Dying on the shore
Victim of the mental storm
Behind walls of greed
Unfortunate refugee
From the sinking ship

Embarrassing to be
Held by such fallacy
Still deepening own grave
With logic of the cave men
Truth feels like a rope
Made of your own hair
Tying around your neck
And kicking out the chair

Your worthless life is a sum of effort
of your all ancestors up to present day
Alone you're just a naked and weak savage
Losing fight for food with your current slaves

People, oh people
Shepherds of mine
Blinding, oh blinding
Is effulgence thine
So dark, yet so bright
In the eyes of mine
Eat flesh of bread
Drink blood of wine
So you could find
A friend in your mind

Follow your lord
Jesus Christ
Join him on cross
Right as he dies
Pull up your robe now
Snow-white, linen coat
Watch one of your lambs
is turning into goat
Stick your staff inside him
Slash his filthy throat
Sail out down the river
Toss him from your boat

Beneath the dark waters it's freezing and grim
My shattered and sliced flesh is entering a dream
This dream takes so long and it is so deep
Not a single cry can be heard or a weep

This dream is done
But the nightmare's still on
And every second proves
That is better to be gone
I'm lurking like a mist
In the darkness of days
Like ghost bearing torch
In exile and disgraced by
Guardians of the truth
Fighting for greater goods
Fooling entire state
And it's enough to hate them
You're fucking scorn
And that's cause of my scar
If I am schizophrenic
Tell me who the fuck you are.

I have enough of you and your world of delusions.

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Видеоклип Astral monolith - Lamb behind the mask of madness

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