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Исполнитель: Moving Pictures

Название песни: Never

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Текст песни Moving Pictures - Never

Written by: Michael Gore; Dean Pitchford

I feel your heart
It's beating time with mine
But love love love is on the line

He hold you down
But I know you want to run
You're hot hot loaded like a gun

Oh you feel so trapped and confused
Start with nothing and you've got nothing to love

You can NEVER never never ever hide your heart
Don't you ever ever ever ever try it
If you don't give your heart wings you'll
NEVER never never ever fly

Break down the walls
You've got to cut the ties
There's pain pain burning in your eyes

It's time to fight
It's time for tearing free
Oh come come running straight to me

Oh you know he don't love you like i do
Don't make believe that you don't feel it too

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