Owl City The Tip of the Iceberg

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Исполнитель: Owl City

Название песни: The Tip of the Iceberg

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Текст песни Owl City - The Tip of the Iceberg

Welcome back winter once again
And put on your warm fuy sweater
'Cause you'll feel much better when

The snowflakes fall gently to the ground
The temperature drops and your shivers
Freee all the rivers around
But I keep you warm

If speed's a pro, inertia must be a con
'Cause the cold wind blows
At precise rates
When I've got my ice skates on

If all the roads were paved with ice
That wouldn't thaw or crack
I could skate from Maine to Nebraska
Then on to Alaska and back
'Cause you keep me warm

Peer over the edge, can you see me?
Rivulets flow from your eyes
Paint runs from your mouth like a waterfall
And your lungs crystallie

I'll travel the sub-ero tundra
I'll break glaciers and froen lakes
And that's just the tip of the iceberg
I'll do whatever it takes to change

Farewell powdery paradise
We'd rather skate on the thinnest ice
Fingers failed us before they froe
Frostbite bit down on all our toes

Snow drifts build up and enfold us
As we wait in this winter storm
So we snuggle close in the darkness
And keep each other so warm

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