Rise Against Tip the Scales

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Исполнитель: Rise Against

Название песни: Tip the Scales

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Текст песни Rise Against - Tip the Scales

Are we so alone, so distant,
So forgotten
As we think ourselves to be?
These are our lives
But did they ever even matter?
Are we worth remembering?

These machines feed on the tears
Of broken lives and dying dreams,
We’re throwing wrenches in the gears,
Our lives will not be lived in vain.

When this is all said and done,
We spent this life on the run
Judged by the company we keep.
Our language buried inside
These lungs that keep us alive,
We breathe so selfishly.

Promises we plan to break
Are made in whispered voices,
Cause our despair knows many names
We make mistakes
But we apologie with roses
we never stop to smell along the way.



We fell from the sky today,
We melt into balls of clay,
We sell ourselves everyday
Don’t tell me how to live this way.
Pushed so far to the edge,
We teeter just on the brink,
You can lead me to the bloodbath
But you can’t make me drink.


My life will not be lived in vain!

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