The Offspring Half-Truism

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Исполнитель: The Offspring

Название песни: Half-Truism

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Дата добавления: 2016-05-29

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Текст песни The Offspring - Half-Truism

One is for envy
And one just for spite
The cuts in my heart
They show in your eyes
Don’t make it better
The twisting knife
Turns all by itself
Move on to someone else

Your self-liberation
Will leave this behind
Beyond slings and arrows
That rain on our minds
You’ll make it better
Shake it off
It never mattered anyway

If we don’t make it alive
Well it’s a hell of a good day to die
All our light that shines strong
Only lasts for so long

And it’s ashes to ashes again
Should we even try to pretend?
All our light that shines strong
Only lasts for so long

The banner you’re waving
Is burning and red
It’s blocking the sunlight
That shines overhead
You against the world
Diamonds and pearls
Voices inside you churn
Watch the city burn

Your own liberation
Will leave them behind
All the slings and arrows
That rain on your mind
Don’t make it better
Break it cause
It never mattered anyway

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